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INNOLTEK announces partnership with Transport DRV

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St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, June 19th, 2020 - INNOLTEK Inc., a renewable fuel manufacturing company, announces a partnership with TRANSPORT PETROLIER DRV.
INNOLTEK, an innovative company that manufactures biodiesel and biodegradable construction products, announces that it will supply biodiesel to Transport DRV to fuel its trucks. Transport DRV is a fuel trucking company which provides third-party logistics for fueling stations networks. For the past few years, Transport DRV has been transporting INNOLTEK biodiesel to the Montreal terminals. Today, the fuel transported will also be used in the engine tank to power the trucks. “This is a nice example of circular economy: Renewable fuel will be transporting renewable fuel. So, one day, we may consider that this transport segment is carbo-neutral,” said Simon Doray, CEO of Innoltek, “DRV is a well-managed company, its trucks are impeccable and well maintained. We are happy to have a partner such as DRV.”
Transport DRV started the program with 5% biodiesel in the fuel blend but intends to increase this percentage to the level that the engine manufacturer allows. In addition, DRV will reduce its Green House Gases emissions. This year only, the reductions could reach 35 tons of GHGs. When the use of biodiesel is expanded in future years, it will easily exceed 100 tons of reduction. “We are confident by using Innoltek biodiesel. It has been two years we are carrying the product and we could see that the quality is there. The biodiesel fueling program is going great and we will see to expand its use in a not-so-distant future.” said Daniel Vigneault, President of Transport DRV.

About Innoltek

Innoltek is a company committed to manufacturing and marketing biodiesel and environmental industrial products. Innoltek is registered EPA and ECCC as a renewable fuel manufacturer. Incorporated in 2010, Innoltek is a privately-owned company based in Quebec. For more information, contact Simon Doray at 450-346-2463. For more information, visit www.innoltek.com

About Transport Pétrolier DRV

DRV Oil Transport is a family-owned liquid transport logistics company specializing in fuel transport. Founded in 2002, it is privately owned and is based in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC.

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